I believe your breath may be bated for an extensive amount of time - maybe even forever!

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Actually, amazingly enough I did receive a response from the mayor's office:

"In many ways it was indeed the best of times and the worst of times. In our office we saw so much good – people raising money for those in need, neighbors helping neighbors, volunteers jumping in to do grocery shopping for seniors, meals delivered to first responders, thousands of donated face masks…

But you’re also unfortunately correct. We also saw a lot of unsavory things – too many of us were quick to judge, intolerant of others, unwilling to give the benefit of the doubt or put ourselves in the shoes of others. Language turned coarse and we saw hate incidents escalate.

Mayor Fuller in her budget address chose to focus on the good as a way to move forward, but she also sees the not so good.

As a leader, she has always modeled tolerance, respect, truthfulness and kindness.

Let’s hope those characteristics once again become virtues in our leaders.

Thanks for writing. Stay well and enjoy the sunshine."

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Thank you!

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