We understood what we saw differently. We were told that they had 100% of the surveillance footage for states where this had been recorded. So for states where they had it, they could - according to their claim - show the same person going to box after box. If they cannot do this, they can be sued for making false claims.

However, I do not expect a film to take me along, seeing one person after another doing illegal drop-offs.

As far as I have heard, they are going to publish, within the next day or so, the exact location of all the pick-up places - all "charity" places, I believe.

I agree they should do everything to back their claims.

On the other hand, if they cannot back their claims, I believe they can be sued massively.

I do believe it would have been more effective if they had shown, say five people, in very short clips (3 secs, perhaps) doing 10 or more consecutive drop-offs.

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Maybe we could make a more effective movie with the same data - a fast-paced hard-hitting thriller!

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